IMG_2893 (1)Okay, so a quick one just to get back into the habit of this. I’ve finally moved house and love being a Borders boy; big difference between here and East Lothian is there’s no wind here, but there was shitloads in North Berwick. It’s got everything, but as George Michael said, all that’s missing is the sea.

I pulled up a leylandii with my own hands.

Anyway, so I’ve finished the editing for Fenchurch 4, RIGHT TO KILL, which is aiming for a 19-Apr-18 release. I’ve done a first-pass outline for Fenchurch 5, now titled KILL WITH KINDNESS (I’ll reuse KILL THE LIGHTS as a later book, if there are to be any WINK NUDGE), and that’s heading for July/August release, so two back-to-back again. Nifty.

This week, my focus is going to be on the outline for Cullen 8, HEROES AND VILLAINS. Aye, finally. I’d done a big chunk of it last summer, which is a bit rough but mostly okay, and I’ve done some heavy thinking over the intervening period about what the rest of the story will be. It’s going to be quite tricky to get it all nailed down, but it’ll link the two Craig Hunter novels (the first chunk takes place at the same time as MISSING, the second just before HUNTED). And it’ll also include a slightly meaty role for a certain Dundee-based DS. The release date for that is going to be tricky, hopefully be able to get it out early next year, but it might have to wait until October due to my Fenchurch release date commitments. Nothing I can do about, I’m afraid.

I’m also working on a revised edition of SNARED, retitled to TOOTH AND CLAW, which should be up later this month, maybe early next. Over the next few years, I’ll be expanding out my Police Scotland books — Cullen, Hunter and Dodds — hopefully at a rate of two a year, depending on what else I’ve got on. It feels nice to be putting on that jacket again, if that makes sense.

There’ll be a few other things in the next wee while — probably an edit of BOTTLENECK and splitting WINDCHILL out into a full novel and a novella (the CHRISTMAS STEPS short, which I’ll release separately with some new Cullen shorts, possibly before Christmas).

Oh and the Cullen & Bain short TRAVEL IS DANGEROUS is going to be in the CWA anthology to be published by the amazing Orenda books (https://www.amazon.co.uk/CWA-Short-Story-Anthology-Mystery-ebook/dp/B075YQ9PGS/) along with some amazing other writers, such as CL Taylor, Susi Holliday and Anna Mazzola, to name but three.

Oh and on the 21st November at the Edinburgh Waterstones, I’ll be chairing Susi Holliday at the launch for her new novel (and the first under her proper name instead of SJI), The Deaths of December.

Anyway. I said that was going to be short and it wasn’t. Sorry.

— Ed

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